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Farrow Receives Approval to Operate a FTZ

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Farrow Receives Approval to Operate a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) within its Mississauga, Ontario Operations

Farrow, a leader in the delivery of trade management integrated 3PL solutions to small and medium sized enterprises across North America is pleased to announce that it has received approval from CBSA to operate a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) within its Mississauga, Ontario Distribution Center. This FTZ, Farrow’s 3rd within North America, provides significant benefits to Canadian and US located importers including:

1. The deferral of all import duties and taxes until goods enter the Canadian or US economy
2. Eliminating the need to and cost of applying for duty drawback
3. Improved margins and cash flow
4. Reduced amount of capital required to finance their supply chains
5. Improved protection against theft due to customs security requirements
6. Increased logistics control including single or multiple distribution networks, zone to zone transfers and more

By combining the benefits of US De Minimus rules with our FTZ, B2C shipments valued at up to USD$800 can be shipped from Canada to the US avoiding any duty, import tax or drawback expenses. Trade agreements between Canada and Europe, Asia Pacific, and Chile further reduces landed cost for US importers when fulfilling to the US B2C market through Canadian based FTZ’s. Orders are inducted same day into either the US postal or courier last mile of delivery network providing identical transit times and shipment visibility to US domestically shipped orders.
The Mississauga multi client facility is 172,000 sq. ft. in size and fulfills omni-channel orders for an assortment of clients in consumer goods, cosmetics, electronics and small appliances markets. The facility was built in 2014 and replicates the FTZ solution that Farrow has operated out of the Windsor area since 2019.


For further information, please contact:

Marcus Pryce-Jones
Vice President, Logistics
(m) 1.416.705.7229


About Farrow:

Farrow is a customs broker and logistics provider with over 110 years of expertise in international trade. Owned and operated by the third generation of the Farrow family, with the fourth generation now involved on a day-to-day basis as well. With over 700 employees and 29 offices and warehouse locations, Farrow is among the largest private and family owned customs brokers in North America. In addition to providing customs brokerage services, Farrow also operates four divisions under the Farrow brand. These include Farrow Logistics (North American Logistics), Farrow Global Logistics (International Freight Forwarding and Global Supply Chain), Farrow Express (Expedited Deliveries), and Farrow Consulting (Import/Export and Trade Management Consulting). To learn more visit, www.farrow.com.

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