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The Story of Our Logo

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Our logo is a key symbol and a reflection of the values and vision that the Farrow stands for. Much like our company history, our logo has it’s own story to tell.

A Bold New Brand

Farrow Logo | Farrow

We’re pleased to unveil our new brand identity. Starting with a new name — simply, Farrow — and a dynamic new logo with a fresh suite of marketing materials, we’re proud to introduce our new brand to the world.

The Mountain

Farrow Group | Farrow

Not a pyramid or a triangle, but rather a mountain. In fact, a mountain with a road winding through it, to the summit. As the core of our previous logo this mountain has symbolized our efforts to seek higher ground, to be the professional service firm of choice dedicated to the facilitation of international trade.

The Mountain as a Symbol

RAF Mountain Poster | FarrowTo further illustrate the concept behind the mountain logo, please see the Vision and Mission Statement plaque illustrated (at left).

The poster depicts a climber, making his way to the peak, or summit, of the mountain and was rolled out along with the mountain logo in 1995.

You can see the tie-in between this poster, and the mountain logo. Similarly, our company newsletter is named “The Peak” consistent with our mountain logo.

The poster shown was decommissioned earlier this year, and replaced with a simpler one, highlighting the mountain logo more specifically.

Business Unit Logos

Logistics Logo | Farrow

Our Business Unit Logo

The Farrow U.S. logo (above) is one of the six individual business unit logos.

The other individual business unit logos include: Russell A. Farrow Limited, Farrow International, Farrow International Trade Consulting, RAF Express Inc., and canadaplus.com, all of which incorporate the mountain logo.

The logos of the six individual business units are undergoing an update. The words “Farrow Group” underneath the mountain, have replaced “A Farrow Company”, which has been in place since 1995.

Farrow US Col | FarrowA more accurate description of the size and scope of the services offered by all of the divisions within the Farrow, is the rationale behind the change from “A Farrow Company” to “Farrow.” In our experience, our customers don’t quibble over whether their freight is cleared by Russell A. Farrow Limited, Russell A. Farrow (U.S.) Inc., or whether their NAFTA Certificate has been filed with Farrow International Trade Consulting as compared to Farrow International. Customers simply want their freight cleared, moved, stored, or picked. This change is a move to provide consistent messaging across all units.

The Original Farrow Group Logo

Original Logo | Farrow

The logo as we know it today, was rolled out in 1995, and coincided with the amalgamation of four brokers into the Farrow Group (the other brokers being Canadian Trade Resources, Henry Weiner Inc., J.MacD. Thomson Ltd., and Mid-West Higinbotham of Edmonton).

Previous to 1995, the logo was the stylized RF seen here (at left). Organizations often update logos. In fact, large companies do so frequently, usually by gradually introducing the new graphics. Often, updated logos or branding reflects a changed business environment, expansion of services offered, or a desire to move the organization into a new portion of the marketplace. As an example, Starbucks recently updated its logo, dropping the words “Starbucks Coffee” from it. This is the 4th update in the 40 years Starbucks has been selling coffee and tea. Their rationale for the change is that the new logo is better suited to their expansion beyond coffee into a wider array of business lines as well as into international markets.

Our 100th Anniversary Logo

100 Years | Farrow

To coincide with the 100th Anniversary of the Farrow Group, a new 100th Anniversary logo was developed and rolled out on stationery, business cards, and other locations.

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