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Working with a Trusted Trade Partner

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Solutions tailored to your needs.

Experienced customs brokers who understand your industry.

Choosing the right trade partner is critical to success. Above all, you need trust that your supply chain will keep moving, no matter what.

Farrow is Canada’s largest independently owned customs agent. With over a century of logistics expertise, we have the extensive experience that only time can provide. Whatever and wherever you’re shipping, trust Farrow to get it there safely and efficiently, every time.

  • Supply chain optimization
  • Customs compliance expertise
  • Latest technology for real-time shipment visibility

Logistics services that you can trust

Learn how Farrow can provide the right solutions for you, your shipments and your customers.

Customer Retail

With our expertise in delivering to retailers, we can build customized logistics solutions for a wide variety of retail products.

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Food & Beverage

Due to its sensitivity, food (and food-related products) have unique importing requirements. Farrow can ensure you adhere to customs processes.

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Apparel & Footwear

Our services have helped industry leading retailers and top brands, for transporting fashion apparel, footwear, accessories and lifestyle wear.

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Let Farrow's specialized knowledge help you maintain compliance and improve your supply chain when shipping automotive systems and components.

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We have extensive experience in the specialized requirements of supplying manufacturing subzones, through the use of "just-in-time" systems.

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Customs Brokerage

Always ready to help, our offices are staffed by licensed customs brokerage and import/export agents and supported by tariff specialists.

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Customs Consulting

Our certified team has an impeccable track record for accurate tariff classification and customs duty payments across every industry.

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Ground Transportation

We provide quick and reliable transportation throughout the U.S. & Canada and help to streamline global shipments via international airports.

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International Freight Forwarding

Our fully developed global network of partners and agents can facilitate the movement of your goods, wherever you’re shipping to.

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Warehousing & Distribution

Our strategic locations are perfect for transportation, with close access to key border crossings, international airports and trade centers.

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First-Time & Occasional

Even if you don't import goods on a regular basis, Farrow can help your business optimize your supply chain.

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For high-frequency business-to-business shippers and companies with multiple vendors, Farrow offers customizable services to keep things moving.

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When your business has global operations, Farrow can help to maintain dependable, streamlined and compliant trade processes, door-to-door.

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Peace of Mind. Delivered.

As the world gets smaller, trade complications seem to grow exponentially. In today’s climate of security and changing regulations, Farrow’s proactive approach helps companies conduct business and move goods across borders efficiently and effectively. Our experts give you the support and service you need to comply with import and export regulations, environmental concerns, tax and tariff questions, customs compliance and more – all before loading your first container.


Learn more about the benefits of working with us

With over 100 years of service, count on our experience for customs compliance and international trade solutions.


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International freight forwarding with Farrow

We have a long history of innovation. We only use the latest freight-forwarding technology, which is why companies of all sizes have trusted us to move their goods around the world for over a century.

Our customized global supply chain solutions identify the best ways to optimize your business logistics, regardless of how they’re shipped. We’ll arrange and manage the freight-forwarding, consolidation, deconsolidation, and distribution of your goods throughout their journey.


Grow your business with our logistics solutions

Get the expert support and service needed to comply with shipping regulations, optimize your supply chain and more.

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Your international trade experts are here to help.

Transporting your goods across borders? Get in touch and a Farrow representative will reach out shortly.

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