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Farrow provides you the necessary tools and expert guidance when importing or exporting goods of all major industries and many niche business sectors.

Farrow creates custom-made solutions to fit the evolving logistics challenges of your industry.

Outlined below are the most prominent industries we serve, but is not an exhaustive list. The experts at Farrow are willing to help no matter your industry.

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Retail
  • Food & Beverage
  • Footwear & Apparel
  • Manufacturing


With over 100 years of supply-chain experience, Farrow has seen it all. No matter your industry, Farrow has a solution for you.


Having both, U.S. and Canadian, headquarters near the Motor City has allowed Farrow to become experts in the automotive field. Whether you are an OEM, Tier one or two supplier, Farrow has you covered.

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Consumer Retail

Navigating tight profit margins and increasing operational efficiency are top priorities for the retail industry. Let Farrow help you cut costs while housing all your logistics needs under one roof.

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Food & Beverage

Alongside our food-focused logistics partners, Farrow offers a wide range of solutions to successfully move, store and deliver your food and beverage products wherever they are needed.

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Footwear & Appparel

Providing the latest trends in footwear and apparel just-in-time can be challenging when keeping up with consumer demands. Let Farrow assist you by providing solutions that keep you one step ahead.

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Whether it be extracting raw materials, producing components or transporting equipment, manufacturing supply-chains are often times complex. Let the experts at Farrow help you simplify this process.

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Aphis Lemon Imports | Farrow

Importing food and beverages into Canada.

Food products usually are time sensitive and have unique requirements when compared with other imported goods. As a result they can be subject to vigorous inspection from governmental departments and agencies other than the CBSA.

Importing food and food related products needn’t be a difficult process. With suitable preparation and expert advice, it can be stress free.

Download our overview to understand the process and players when it comes to importing food and beverages into Canada.

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Blue water bridge

Retailing across borders: A concise guide to mirroring your U.S. success in Canada

In recent years, Canada’s regulatory regime has become complicated and very technical. With over 100 years of experience, Farrow can assist in streamlining the process, helping ensure success north of the border.

This guide has been designed to offer companies engaged in the international transfer of goods, services and technology an introduction to the regulatory hurdles that can affect cross-border business.

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