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Applications for Canadian Imports

Farrow provides an extensive suite of online solutions to meet the information management requirements of businesses shipping to Canada.

Review our many options in the list of applications below:

Canadian Reporting Tools

TradeSmartWeb basic

Secure access to real-time shipment tracking for your Canadian imports.


TradeSmartWeb plus

Secure access to real-time Canadian imports shipment tracking, plus on-demand reporting and document image retrieval.


TradeSmartWeb CCI

Online entry of Canadian Customs Invoices (CCIs) with instant data validation and rapid completion of repetitive invoices.


TradeSmartWeb eManifest

Complete solution that allows carriers and freight forwarders to comply with the CBSA requirements for electronic information in advance of the arrival of commercial cargo at Canadian ports of entry.


PARS Tracking

Real-time shipment status information, with automatic updates by phone or email.


Online Payment Options

Convenient access to pay for your Farrow services online.


Farrow Logistics Tracking

Access to view and manage critical information on shipments with Farrow Logistics


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