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Solve your specific logistics needs with expert advice and services from our customs brokers.

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Solutions tailored to your needs.

Improving to your logistics from start to finish.

Delivering on-time, every time, is the number one priority for your customers. But, behind each successful delivery is an infinite number of working parts and varying situations that keep that possible. 

Our custom brokers are here to keep your business moving, efficiently and reliably. Whether you’re looking to optimize your supply chain, maintain compliance with customs, or improve your logistics in a  variety of other ways, we’d like to share our expertise and resources with you. 

To help pinpoint your needs, we’ve segmented our solutions into six of the leading reasons our customers contact us.

Expertise to improve your journey.

From reducing border delays to increasing data visibility. Here are our end-to-end solutions for your logistics needs.

Plan & Optimize My Supply Chain

Make A to B simple. Streamline your ground transportation and freight forwarding operations to save time and money.

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Adapt to Changing Regulations

Change is the only constant. Stay informed of customs audit regulations, tariff codes and import/export laws.

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Reduce Border Risks & Delays

Simplify your customs clearance. Meet border requirements before they slow down your international transportation.

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Customs Requirements & Compliance

Don’t leave compliance to luck. Lean on the expertise of our customs brokers in your business practices and procedures.

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Work with A Trusted Trade Partner

With over 100 years of trust behind our expertise, Farrow is first-class in customs compliance and trade solutions.

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Gain Visibility into Your Data

Imaging solutions, EDI capabilities and eManifest software. The latest technology is here, with real-time visibility.

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How would you fare in a customs audit?

Suppose you were to get a notice from Customs that you are to be audited. Would you be ready? Many importers leave compliance to their broker, but this can be a recipe for penalties if they’re faced with an audit.

Importers may not realize that they are ultimately responsible for missing information or errors in their customs compliance process. Any penalty arising from an audit is issued to the importer, not the broker.   The importer would also be responsible to correct past transactions based on Customs final audit report.

What can you do to avoid potential failed audit? Prepare yourself by conducting an internal review.

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Grow your business with our logistics solutions

Get the expert support and service needed to comply with shipping regulations, optimize your supply chain and more.

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