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Peace of Mind.

Trust our proactive approach to transport goods across borders, safely and efficiently.

Avoid Extra Costs and Delays at the Border

Our customs brokers can help you with border requirements before they slow you down.

Prepare for a Customs Audit

We ensure you're ready for a customs audit with the correct customs and trade procedures.

Logistics solutions for you and your business.

No matter what you're shipping or how often, we have a solution for you. Discover how we can improve your logistics.

Customs Brokerage

Our licensed brokers help to develop regulatory compliance and supply chains, expedite clearances, automate procedures and reduce border delays.

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Customs Consulting

Our compliance experts are here to ensure you avoid costly penalties from the misclassification of goods or incorrect product valuations.

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Ground Transportation

Our quick and reliable ground transportation service reduces transit times and costs through zone skipping and freight consolidation.

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International Freight Forwarding

Customize your supply chain solution with freight-forwarding, consolidation, deconsolidation, and distribution of goods.

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Warehousing & Distribution

We have an extensive network of warehouse locations with easy access to key border crossings, airports and trade centres.

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First-Time & Occasional

Even if you only ship a few times a month, enjoy peace of mind that comes from knowing your goods will arrive without delays or added cost.

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When you ship frequently, it’s key that your goods aren't held up at customs. We offer solutions that ensure the rapid release of shipments.

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When your business has global operations, Farrow can help maintain a dependable, streamlined and compliant trade process for your supply chain.

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Customer Retail

With experts who understand every aspect of the supply chain, retailers can streamline costs and deliver products faster to the consumer.

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Food & Beverage

When goods are time-sensitive with a limited shelf life, proper supply chain management is critical – our expert customs consultants can help.

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Apparel & Footwear

Farrow has leading experience in retail logistics, specializing in fashion apparel, footwear, accessories and lifestyle wear.

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Farrow’s experts can improve your global supply chain process for automotive systems and components.

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Our customs brokers will help you keep your production line moving, with reliable delivery fulfilling time-sensitive orders.

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Plan, Manage & Optimize Your Supply Chain

Make A to B simple. Streamline your ground transportation and freight forwarding operations to save time and money.

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Reducing Risks & Delays at the Border

Simplify your customs clearance. Meet border requirements before they slow down your international transportation.

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Adapt to Changing Regulations

Change is the only constant. Stay informed of customs audit regulations, tariff codes and import/export laws.

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Meet Customs & Compliance Requirements

Simplify your customs clearance. Meet border requirements before they slow down your international transportation.

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Work with A Trusted Trade Partner

With over 100 years of trust behind our expertise, Farrow is first-class in customs compliance and trade solutions.

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Gain Visibility into Your Data

Imaging solutions, EDI capabilities and eManifest software. The latest technology is here, with real-time visibility.

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Playing by the rules – Why international trade compliance is so important.

Faster import clearance, duty savings, predictable costs, reduced regulatory oversight and a competitive advantage are all reasons to ensure that your business is compliant with international trade regulations. Canadian and U.S. trade laws are far reaching and pervasive. In addition, there are foreign laws that may apply to international transactions.

If you are an importer or exporter, you need a clear understanding of the rules that govern trade in your area.

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Our licensed trade experts can help.

We're ready to help your business achieve more. Request a quote today and a Farrow representative will reach out shortly.

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A guide to expanding your business into Canada

Expanding into a new market takes a lot of planning and coordination to be a success. There are a number of regulatory and logistics hurdles to consider: Customs Compliance, Duty and Tax Liabilities, and Border Security to name a few. Your reputation is on the line, from day one. The last thing you want is product that isn’t on the shelf. Take a proactive approach to getting your product to new market and avoid disruptions that may affect your launch.

This guide provides detailed insights on key issues that can affect your cross-border business.

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