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Farrow CEO Grant Robinson says ‘Thanks’ to Employees

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One Team: Providing Clients and Communities Peace of Mind.

Since this global pandemic caused the world to change for each of us, our dedicated employees at Farrow have shown extraordinary resilience.

Together, they provide an essential service and play an important role in the movement of goods to stores and facilities across Canada and the U.S. They help communities by ensuring we uphold our end of the critical supply chain.

From the movement of International Freight, to clearing it through our borders, to receiving, picking up and sending orders out through our distribution facilities, their role in making this happen has never been more important and necessary.

We are grateful to each and every one of our team for everything they are doing to support each other, our clients and our communities.

Their actions make a real difference and impact all of us.

We are very proud of our Farrow Family!

Thank you for everything you do.
Grant Robinson

P.S. Keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Farrow has taken the following steps to ensure safety at all levels of our operations:

  • For the protection of our employees, remote working practices have been implemented where possible.
  • The need for social distancing while at work, enroute, or during breaks and lunch continues to be stressed with all employees.
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols and revised standard operating procedures have been implemented to allow for social distancing.
  • We are actively monitoring federal, state and provincial guidelines for employees

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