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What does CARM stand for?

CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management

What is CARM?

The CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) project is a multi-year initiative that will modernize how the CBSA assesses imported goods and manages revenue. Once fully implemented, CARM will streamline and automate business processes and offer online self-service tools to help the trade community do business in Canada.

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On April 30th, Farrow hosted a webinar: CARM – A Primer. If you missed it, don’t panic! We have you covered! Download and watch our free webinar on-demand. 

Topics we cover:

  • CARM: An overview
  • What is a bond
  • Timeline
  • How does a bond differ from insurance
  • The CARM Client portal (CCP)
  • What is required to qualify for a bond
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • What do I need to know to prepare
  • Registration (on the CARM Client Portal)
  • The role of the custom broker – trusted service advisor


Countdown to Release 1: May 25, 2021

The Launch of CARM

The CBSA will be launching CARM as follows:

CARM Release 0 – January 18, 2021: The CBSA will move the existing Accounts Receivable Ledger (ARL) system from its current data centre configuration to the more reliable SAP S4/HANA system in preparation for supporting the IT requirements of the new revenue and cash management system.

CARM Release 1 – May 25, 2021: The CBSA will provide current clients (Importers, customs brokers and trade consultants) with the ability to sign up on the CARM Client Portal to create, view, and manage their accounts, make payments, file advanced ruling requests, delegate access to customs brokers online and otherwise become familiar with CARM self-serve options.

CARM Release 2 – Spring 2022: The CBSA will replace the current B3 (customs coding form) and B2 (adjustment request) forms and related processes with a new electronic declaration form, called the Commercial Accounting Declaration (CAD). Changes to the billing cycle will be introduced to harmonize the payment due dates for all transactions and simplify the ways account information can be corrected and adjusted. In addition, changes to the Release Prior to Payment Program will be introduced whereby importers interested in participating in the program will be asked to post financial security directly, with various online options.

Frequently Asked Questions

You asked, we answered!

Explore your FAQsReview webinar Q&A


Benefits of CARM:

  • Simplifies the importing process
  • Reduces the cost of importing into Canada
  • Includes a CARM Client Portal that provides importers and customs brokers self-service access to information
  • Provides a user-friendly online interface for importing goods into Canada
  • Facilitates and improves consistency of compliance with trade rules

Key Features and Functions of CARM:

  • Financial Security
  • CARM Client Portal (CCP) – User Roles and Registration
  • Delegation of Authority – Client and Employee Group Delegation
  • Commercial Accounting Declaration (CAD)
  • C-Type / V-Type / F-Type Entries, HVS/LVS Entries, Temporary and Bonded Warehouse Entries
  • Corrections & Adjustments, Pre-CARM Adjustments, Mass Adjustments
  • Daily Notice (DN)
  • Statements of Account (SOA), Customs Broker Summary Statement (CBSS)

Learn More

 Farrow’s CARM Toolkit

Farrow has put together a 12-page document to help you prepare for CARM!

  • Section 1: Overview
  • Section 2: Timeline
  • Section 3: Prepare
    • What you will need
    • How to prepare
    • What you need to know
    • CARM Client Portal Registration
  • Section 4: FAQ
  • Section 5: Financial Security

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CARM Resources

Infographs, Fact Sheets, Newsletters and more!

CARM Client Portal Flowchart

Check out the CCP journey from start to finish, including user roles and questions to consider.

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Prepare for CARM Checklist

Prepare for CARM Release 1 and 2 with this downloadable checklist!

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CARM Fact Sheet: Financial Security

Explore the changes to financial security for Release Prior to Payment (RPP), which comes into effect with CARM Release 2.

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Glossary of Terms

Abbreviations and definitions for all terms related to CARM.

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Top 10 Reasons Why

Top 10 Reasons your broker needs access to your CARM Client Portal (CCP).

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Fact Sheet: CARM Client Portal (CCP)

Learn about Financial Security, obtaining a Surety Bond and monitoring Account Security.

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Implementation Timeline

Explore CARM implementation timeline, including capabilities and features of R1 and R2.

Click here

CARM Client Portal Onboarding

Review the CARM Client Portal onboarding process!

Click here

Delegation of Authority

Learn about the Delegation of Authority, it's benefits, key steps to delegate access to a business account, and more!

Click here

Billing Cycles

Learn about the billing cycle changes that will come into effect with Release 2!

Click here

Financial Security

Find out the changes to financial security for Release Prior to Payment privileges that will come into effect with Release 2.

Click here

Accounting Declaration

Explore the Commercial Accounting Declaration that will come into effect with Release 2.

Click here

Partner Personas and Guide

Explore a detailed summary of what a persona is and how you can use it to better understand CARM.

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CARM Information Package

See how you can help your clients with their CARM journey.

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Onboarding Guide for Importers

Your roadmap to Release 1!

Click here

Importing into Canada

Key information about the implementation of the CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) project, and where to go for more information.

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CARM Infograph

An infograph showing the importing process, how CARM will benefit the trade community and the key to CARM success.

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CBSA Newsletter Vol. 1

CARM Quarterly - A Newsletter for Trade Chain Partners - Volume 1

Click here

CBSA Newsletter Vol. 2

CARM Quarterly - A Newsletter for Trade Chain Partners - Volume 2

Click here

CBSA Newsletter Vol. 3

CARM Quarterly - A Newsletter for Trade Chain Partners - Volume 3

Click here

1) CBSA’s Assessment & Revenue Management project

Explore our quick CARM introduction!

Click here

2) CARM – Release 1 and 2

Discover what Release 1 & 2 will allow you to do.

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3) CARM: How Importers Can Prepare for Release 1&2

Don't forget to complete these tasks to fully prepare for CARM!

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4) Prepare for CARM Release 1 & 2: A Checklist

To help you prepare for CARM Release 1 & 2, we have compiled our recommendations into a checklist for you to follow.

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5) The CARM Client Portal (CCP)

Explore a quick, detailed outline of the CARM Client Portal!

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6) New Roles & Responsibilities

Review the user profile definitions and roles to determine the list of CCP users/account admin. for your business.

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7) CCP Registration

See how to create your Personal Profile before setting up any business/program profile accounts or being assigned a CCP user role.

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