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CARM: Reviewing Transaction History

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CARM: Reviewing Transaction History

The CARM CLIENT PORTAL (CCP) enables authorized users to view and manage their transaction history in real-time. Importers can see transactions based on available filters and parameters, that allow the importer to access data including but not limited to;
• Line item details for amounts owed occurring in a given time frame (such as miscellaneous invoices or any fees and penalties),
• New credits posted to the account (such as payments, credits due to amendments or interest credits, or any refunds), and
• Due date for the transaction, if applicable.

The user can also view the account balance in real time via the CARM CLIENT PORTAL (CCP). The account balance includes any amounts owed to or from the CBSA. All or parts of the transaction data captured by the transaction history can be downloaded in real time using the reporting functionality.

The Importer may view the available financial data (i.e. accounting transaction details and payments made) on the account then selects some or all of the data for export. The selection can be made on an individual transaction basis, or based on the filtering parameters available. Importers can request export of data by selecting the export functionality available on the CARM CLIENT PORTAL (CCP). The CARM system then prepares the selected data for export by compiling the data into a .CSV file. The importer can then download data file from the CCP. The data contained in this file can then be used in software outside of the CARM environment for reporting and analysis purposes.

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