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CARM Experience Simulation

CARM Release 2 is expected to be challenging for all stakeholders. The CBSA is now doing deep cycle testing and simulations with volunteer companies to test the system portal. Industry is still pushing back hard, focused on issues that remain to be resolved.

A CARM experience simulation (CES) meeting was held May 4; highlights are the following:

Industry has provided feedback that more staging is required in an unscripted environment, another step to validate the system and functionality. During the simulation time frame, reaction from industry will be observed. The Portal testing will be end-to-end (including SOA), and testing will ideally be capped with 200 participants. The testing system will be a replica of the production environment. Importer express consent must be obtained prior to testing and CBSA will be providing documentation. Brokers will be included in the testing.

So far, 36 brokers, 10 carriers, 1 CSA carrier, 2 CSA brokers, 35 importers, 4 NRIs and 13 trade consultants have signed up.

According to the CBSA, 2023 for an R2 launch of CARM is both reasonable and likely.

Source: Canadian International Freight Forwarding (CIFFA)

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