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Warehousing & Fulfillment U.S.

Warehousing & Distribution U.S.

United States Logistics Management for eCommerce & Retail Order Fulfillment

Farrow can manage your outbound retail, B2B, and eCommerce (B2C) order fulfillment to U.S. retailers, businesses and consumers through our logistics, warehousing and distribution U.S. services.

With locations in Plymouth, Michigan and Buffalo, New York, along with Canadian fulfillment centers in the Vancouver area and Toronto area, Farrow is able to offer 2-3 day shipping speeds across the continental United States to U.S. consumers. Our U.S. presence in all the major Canada-to-U.S. trade corridors saves you time and money in costly international movements. Placing your shipments on our account allows us to take advantage of volume discounts offered by various couriers and carriers, allowing you to take advantage of U.S. domestic transportation rates.

Farrow’s strategically placed warehouse locations in the U.S. will ease your international logistics challenges, providing swift and easy access to key border crossings, international airports and trade centers.

  • Order Fulfillment – Solutions for Diverse Sales channels
        • Domestic and International fulfillment
        • Retail and Store Fulfillment
        • B2B Fulfillment
        • E-commerce
        • Pick and Pack
        • Kitting
        • Project & Seasonal Work
  • Specialized Programs – Tailored Solutions
        • Foreign Trade Zone – Specialized sub zone consultation
        • Import Staging / Consolidation / Deconsolidation
        • Returns Management
        • Spare Parts Management
  • Direct Delivery – Leverage the Farrow Network to reduce cost
        • Cross dock
        • Transload
        • Store Direct
        • Merge in Transit
  • FTZ and Bonded Warehousing
        • US and Canada
        • Section 321 shipping and Duty Drawback
  • Short and Long-Term Storage

warehouse worker pushing load
  • Value Added Services
        • FDA Registered Operations
        • Dangerous Goods Compliant
        • Kitting and Final Assembly
        • Product Inspection and Compliance
        • Labelling
        • Product Rework
  • Network Design and Optimization
        • Network Design
        • Transportation Optimization
        • Inventory Analysis

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Canada is more than maple syrup, snow and wide-open space. In fact, your neighbor north of the border is home to a whopping $22.3 billion dollar online market, and has one of the strongest middle classes on the planet. Farrow can help you achieve success in Canada.

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Top 4 Ways to Avoid Costly Importing Mistakes

The importer is ultimately responsible for the declaration made on their behalf, meaning that they hold the legal obligation to “get it right” upon entry. An importer is considered to be legally negligent if an error has occurred as it relates to tariff classification, import value, tariff treatment, the applicability of NAFTA or other free trade agreements, trademarks, government agency regulations affecting importation and more.

Explore the four common errors to avoid.

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