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Importing Into Canada – Process at a Glance

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Process at a Glance

The importation process can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. Using our step by step guide, you can get a high level overview of specific details regarding of the process of importing to Canada. Understanding this process is critical to ensure that your current procedures are producing maximum benefits for your business.

STEP 1 | Purchase Order
You issue a Purchase Order to your supplier in the United States.

STEP 2 | Supplier
Your supplier readies the order for shipping. They also prepare the Bill of Lading and the customs documents: a Canada Customs Invoice and USMCA Certificate of Origin (if eligible).

STEP 3 | Freight, Invoice, Certificate of Origin
Your supplier gives the Customs Invoice and USMCA Certificate to the carrier when the shipment is picked up. Many U.S. shippers will also transmit the shipment information directly to Farrow.

STEP 4 | Truck
If the shipment information wasn’t previously transmitted electronically to Farrow, the carrier must fax the customs documents to us well in advance of the driver reaching the border.

STEP 5 | Farrow
Before arrival, Farrow will prepare your B3 Customs Entry on your behalf and transmit it electronically to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

STEP 6 | CBSA Canada Customs
When your shipment arrives at the border, CBSA determines whether to release or inspect the goods.

STEP 7 | Freight
Once released by Customs, your shipment is delivered to you by the carrier.

STEP 8 | You
Upon receipt, you verify that the quantities and products were accurately reflected on both your supplier’s invoice and on your Customs Entry.

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