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Do my goods Qualify for NAFTA?

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An Information Notice titled “Do my goods qualify for NAFTA” was originally issued by CBP in 2003, then reissued in 2007, and is still relevant today.  It raises a number of very important questions importers should keep in mind to ensure they have taken the steps necessary to qualify their goods for entry with NAFTA Benefits.  Many resident and non-resident importers still think that all you have to do to claim NAFTA benefits upon entry is to complete a NAFTA Certificate of Origin, however as advised in this Information Notice, a great deal more is required to qualify goods for NAFTA benefits and to support the claim for those benefits.

Questions to consider include:

1) Do you know: the background of your product? who produced it or where it grew or was taken from the ground? where the components or ingredients were manufactured or grown?

2a) Was your good last worked on in Canada, Mexico or the United States (other than minor processing such as repackaging, dilution, cleaning, etc.), or was it produced overseas?

Read the entire CBP Information Notice “Do my goods qualify for NAFTA?

Related information

The CBP website that contains a wealth of information about NAFTA. Every importer that claims NAFTA benefits should read the information available on this web site.

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