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Benefits of Becoming a U.S. Based Non-Resident Importer into Canada

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What is a Non-Resident Importer?

A Non-Resident Importer (NRI) is a company that does not have a permanent presence (that is, bricks and mortar) in Canada but imports into Canada under its own company name. NRIs utilize the services of a Canadian customs broker such as Farrow to clear their goods into Canada.

By becoming an NRI, U.S. based exporters have greater control over their supply chain into Canada without the need to have a physical presence in Canada, and allows them to be competitive with Canadian suppliers as if they were a domestic vendor.

Here are the top benefits of becoming an NRI from the U.S. into Canada

Simplifies Pricing

Your pricing is simpler for Canadian customers because you are now including transportation costs, customs clearance fees, and duties and taxes in your selling price.

Eases the Trade Process for your Customers

Becoming a U.S. based NRI into Canada means a Canadian customer need not be involved in the import process, making business as easy as purchasing products from a Canadian company.

Increases your Competitive Advantage

An NRI establishes a level playing field with Canadian companies and gives you an advantage over U.S. competitors which don’t have a Canadian presence.

Improves Shipment Control

As the U.S. exporter and NRI, you control the shipping process door to door. Customs delays are minimized with consistent clearance processing, resulting in a timely and consistent delivery of your product.

Minimizes Shipment Tracking

You are able to track the movement of your shipment and will be automatically advised when the goods are Customs cleared, making tracking your products simpler.

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