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Railroads Call for Immediate Reopening of El Paso & Eagle Pass Crossings

Home News Railroads Call for Immediate Reopening of El Paso & Eagle Pass Crossings

Railroads Call for Immediate Reopening of El Paso & Eagle Pass Crossings

The Association of American Railroads called on U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to reopen international crossings at Eagle Pass and El Paso, TX, which serve as key arteries for the North American rail network.

“The urgency of reopening these crossings and restoring rail service between the two nations cannot be overstated,” said AAR President and CEO Ian Jefferies. “There are not separate U.S. and Mexican rail networks; there is only one interconnected North American rail network. Every day the border remains closed unleashes a cascade of delay across operations on both sides of the border, impacting customers and ultimately consumers.”

The CBP decision most directly and immediately impacts operations for two Class I railroads – Union Pacific and BNSF – and the customers those companies serve. Combined, these two carriers securely operate 24 trains daily at these crossings, moving agricultural products, automotive parts, finished vehicles, chemicals, consumer goods and more to customers spanning the continent. But ultimately, every railroad is affected by this sudden shutdown of operations since all carriers interchange goods across the North American rail network.

“Railroads have worked closely with our partners in both the U.S. and Mexican government to create an effective and efficient screening process,” Jefferies continued. “As CBP continues to address the exceptionally challenging humanitarian crisis, railroads urge CBP to also safeguard the nation’s supply chain from further disruption.”

Even as the industry continues to navigate the fluid situation at the border, railroads are diligently working to limit impacts to customers and the network. When the Eagle Pass and El Paso gateways reopen, the railroads are committed to restoring cross-border movements as quickly and safely as possible.

Source: Association of American Railroad (AAR)

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