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Please note, Charles Higgerty Limited Customs Brokers was purchased by Russell A.  Farrow Limited (in January, 2021).  Read the full story here.

Farrow CEO Grant Robinson, provided the following statement in an email broadcast to clients of Higgerty, at the time of the acquisition:

Thank you for your confidence and loyalty to Charles Higgerty Limited over the years. We look forward welcoming you to the Farrow family of clients and earning a similar level of trust.

Grant Robinson

Active clients with questions or who require additional information, please call 613-748-6600 ext 105 or email Ottawateam@farrow.com. If you are a first time visitor to this site looking for assistance with your import/export activities, you are asked to contact salesleads@farrow.com.

This website (CharlesHiggerty.com) will be sunset in the coming weeks, and clients are encouraged to visit www.farrow.com for information regarding customs clearance services, and how Farrow can help the performance of your supply chain.

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For over 100 years, Charles Higgerty Limited has been facilitating importations while ensuring compliance with the myriad of regulations. A third generation family run small-business, Higgerty’s provides personal service, and can assist you with the following:

  • customs clearance and accounting of your shipment;
  • export information and documentation;
  • Customs Refunds and Drawbacks;
  • applicable duties and tax reduction (CUSMA/USMCA, trade agreements, end use);
    international transportation.

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About Charles Higgerty Limited

Charles Higgerty Limited began in 1905 as a one-man operation clearing rail shipments in Ottawa. Today we have a complete staff of experienced and licensed professionals and continue providing personal, tailored service. Our computer system exchanges information with the Canada Border Services Agency, and we are connected with other players in the supply chain. This ensures the expedient and compliant release and accounting of your shipments from any Customs Office in Canada.

Charles Higgerty Limited is a third generation family business with over 100 years experience. We have always prided ourselves in providing professional and personal service to our clients. We are also known to go beyond the call of duty to get the job done well.

Our services include:

  • customs clearance and accounting of your shipment;
  • export information and documentation;
  • Customs Refunds and Drawbacks;
  • applicable duties and tax reduction (USMCA/CUSMA, trade agreements, end use);
  • international transportation.

PARS Tracking

Check-in on your shipment using your Cargo Control Number or PARS Number

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Useful Tips

The following practices will help ensure your shipment flows smoothly through Canada Customs:

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Customs Documents

Ensure that your supplier provides customs documents for your shipment. A Canada Customs Invoice or other invoice that contains all the fields required by Customs.

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Ensure that your supplier list and provide a value for each item being shipped. This applies also to items which you are not being charged for.

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Layman's Terms

Make sure the goods are described in layman's terms (part numbers and serial numbers mean very little to Customs).

Certificate of Origin

Request that your supplier provide you with a Certificate of Origin for applicable goods. This document eliminates or reduces the Customs duty payable.


Have your Customs Brokers' name and phone number indicated on the paperwork for each shipment.


Records must be kept for six years from the date of release of your shipment. We keep records in good order in the event of an audit by Customs. You should maintain a copy as well.


Contact Us:

Our offices are open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. For assistance with after-hours clearances, see the number below.

Main Office:
2473 Sheffield Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K1B 3V6; Canada

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Mailing Address:
Box 9210, STN T
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 3T9; Canada

Phone: 613-748-6600 | Fax: 613-748-5581 | Toll-free fax: 888-281-8579 | After hours: 613-799-5041 | Email: info@charleshiggerty.com

Customs Forms

For your convenience we have compiled some of the most commonly used customs forms here. They can be opened or downloaded.

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Canada Customs Certificate of Destruction / Export

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