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Farrow acquires Charles Higgerty Limited

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Companies share history, and a common culture of family ownership, and responsiveness to clients

Farrow is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Charles Higgerty Limited, an Ottawa area broker with a lot of history.

The story behind the most recent acquisition by Farrow is an interesting one, and a reminder that family and family-run businesses are worth celebrating.

Charles Higgerty – founder of Charles Higgerty Limited, was good friends with Robinson Farrow, and married Nina Mary Bradley, sister to Robinson’s wife, Rebecca.
Robinson Farrow – former Commissioner of Customs for the Dominion of Canada, and father of Russell Alexander Farrow, who founded Farrow. Robinson married Rebecca Bradley, sister to Charles Higgerty’s wife Nina Mary Bradley.

The Farrow and Higgerty relationship began over 100 years ago. Robinson Farrow, great grandfather of Richard Farrow, current Chairman of Farrow, was the Commissioner of Customs for Canada, and best friends with Charles Higgerty, who founded Charles Higgerty Limited. Not only were they best friends, Charles and Robinson ended up marrying sisters! Robinson Farrow married Rebecca Bradley, and Charles Higgerty married her sister, Nina Mary Bradley.

Robinson Farrow, while Commissioneer of Customs for Canada transitioned the government’s business accounts to his friend and brother in-law, Charles at Charles Higgerty Limited, where these accounts have remained ever since.

Like Farrow Chairman Richard Farrow, Charles’ granddaughter, Harriett Higgerty, grew up in the family business. Richard and Harriet became friends as well. Eventually, Harriet took over from her father to become Higgerty’s President and lead the family business into its third generation.

When Harriett passed away in January of 2020, she directed the Higgerty estate to ask Rick Farrow if he would consider purchasing the Higgerty family’s brokerage business and carry it forward, as part of Farrow. Rick agreed and thus, Farrow acquired Charles Higgerty Limited, in October 2020.

In a statement released upon the acquisition, Grant Robinson, Farrow C.E.O. said:

Rebecca Bradley, spouse of Robinson Farrow and sister to Nina Mary.
Nina Mary Bradley, spouse of Charles Higgerty Limited, and sister to Rebecca.

“Who could have predicted over a hundred years ago, when two best friends Robinson Farrow and Charles Higgerty, married sisters, their families would still be working together, carrying on their family’s name and making the founders proud”

He went on to say:

“Similar to Charles Higgerty Limited, Farrow has remained true to the principals of its founders, and has expanded beyond customs brokerage into many areas of the supply chain services including International Freight Forwarding, Consulting, Warehousing & Distribution, and Ground Transportation. We welcome to the Farrow family of companies, Charles Higgerty and their clients, with whom we share a similar culture and values.”


For further information, contact:

Marvin Rosenzweig

V.P. Sales, Marketing & Client Service

(m) 1.647.539.7825



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