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With our Trade Management Program we will act as your customs department. You will have the advantage of an experienced team of customs professionals managing your complete process, from procurement to payment.

Our Trade Management Program provides a comprehensive approach to your day-to-day customs activities. This program will provide importers with 100% compliance.

Customizable Trade Management Solutions

Our Trade Management Program has been developed with various modules. You can choose to implement the entire program or individual modules can be provided based on your individual needs.

Our proactive approach requires that an Open Purchase Order Report be provided. From there, we will identify new products, classify them, request a Certificate of Origin (if appropriate), and update the importers database prior to the goods crossing the border.

Complete Trade Management Reporting

The Post Entry module will provide a complete review of all import details, classifications, tariff treatments, etc., while also aligning with your accounts payable information to ensure compliance with valuation. Based on the results, refunds or amends will be submitted on a regular basis to make any necessary adjustments.

The Trade Management Program generates a variety of different reports, and specific reports can be tailored to individual needs.

Review the various modules available to you:

  • Harmonized Tariff System Classification
    • New Products – Open P.O. Report
  • Vendor Referral
    • Live Freight
  • Free Trade Agreement
    • Solicitation
  • Duty Deferral/EOPS Management
  • Broker Interface
  • Post Entry
    • Compliance
    • Customs Reconciliation Program (Accounts Payable)
    • Reporting
    • Post Entry (B2 Refunds/Amends)
  • North American Free Trade Agreement
    • Qualification

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