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What Happens if You’re Not Ready for ACE?

Home Resources What Happens if You’re Not Ready for ACE?

CBP’s new staggered timeline approach of ACE has given importers more time to get prepared, but mandatory implementation is still planned for the end of 2016. What can happen if you’re not ready?

1) Your Cargo Releases Will Be Delayed

CBP’s legacy ACS system will no longer be available to submit cargo entries, which means that if you don’t use ACE you’ll need to file your entries and entry summaries in paper, taking up much more time than an electronic cargo entry.

2) Your Supply Chain Will be Disrupted

Using paper processing instead of ACE’s electronic system could mean that your products will face significant delays in the release of your goods at the border, which may have grave consequences if your products are on a strict timeline.

3) You Could Put Yourself at a Competitive Disadvantage

If your products are held up at the border because of ACE non-compliance, that means your ACE ready competitors will have their products on shelves ready to be purchased while your company submits and re-submits paper entries for your precious cargo.

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