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The Value of a Customs Broker

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SOURCE: Canadian Society of Customs Brokers

The CSCB is one of the most authoritative, respected organizations in Canada’s international trade community. The CSCB includes approximately 160 customs broker members, over 4,100 CCS (Certified Customs Specialist) designates, nearly 200 CTCS (Certified Trade Compliance Specialist) designates, and more than 600 students on an annual basis.

If you’re in the trade business, here’s what you need to know

Canada runs on trade, and trade runs on accuracy, efficiency and reliability. Reliability on the other hand, is all about trade knowledge which in turn defines success. In order to manage imports from around the world, knowledge is the one element that you can’t afford to gamble on, as one misstep can leave your goods stranded.

This is where your customs broker provides immediate value

As a representation of your businesses trade knowledge; a premier customs broker keeps you and your business ahead of government rules, regulations, and legislation updates by leveraging relationships with the CBSA, CBP and other government departments. This is why having a reliable, accurate, and efficient broker who understands every element of the supply chain, is crucial to your businesses success and trade compliance. Furthermore, a leading broker operates in all modes of transportation (ground, rail, marine, and air), assuring that your goods are always delivered on time regardless of how large your businesses grows.

The Value of Customs Brokers from CSCB on Vimeo.

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