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Farrow Consulting Overview: Our experienced customs professionals provide in-depth assistance, expert guidance and advice with regards to all aspects of international trade, for both Canada and the United States. As consultants, our goal is to minimize your expenses while ensuring total compliance with all Canadian and American regulations and statutes. We also keep clients up to date on the latest developments in customs and international trade with timely communications, regular bulletins, newsletters and individual correspondence.

As well, our Consultants have expertise in trade compliance. Our qualified professionals can provide importers with the precise classification of their goods, guidance on origin determination and the valuation of imported goods. The accuracy of the classification directly affects your duty payments. A correct classification mitigates the risk of potential penalty exposure and overpaying duties and taxes.

Farrow Covers all Customs Needs:

  • Duty Recovery
  • Canadian Customs & U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
    • Areas of expertise in our customs consulting include duty rates and trade agreements, harmonized tariff and valuation appeals.
  • Free Trade Agreement Certification
    • Farrow can assist with the qualification of goods through in depth research and certification preparation.
  • Appeals
  • CBSA Trade Verification
  • Compliance Audits/Risk Assessments
  • ECCC (Environment and Climate Change Canada) Reporting
  • Safe Foods For Canadians Licensing
  • Tariff Base Maintenance

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