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Notification and Reporting Tools for US Imports

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Web-Based Notification and Reporting Technology for U.S. Ground Imports

Since the passage of the Customs Modernization Act (MOD Act) in 1993, the Importer of record must ensure reasonable care in entering, classifying and determining the value of imported good. Couple that with the acts of 911 and our country has increased personnel to protect our security and accuracy of the supply chain. Every day we hear more stories of increased personnel to audit NAFTA, issue requests, perform supply chain verifications and ensure accuracy in international trade.

XCB reporting provides you the tools necessary to manage your customs business. Through XCB we can provide:

Electronic event notifications in real time to include but not limited to:

  • Release updates
  • Release holds
  • FDA holds
  • FDA samples
  • FDA may proceeds


  • Canned reports to cover commodity analysis
  • Periodic reporting
  • Commodity analysis
  • Invoice analysis
  • Track and trace reports
  • Daily statements
  • Ad hoc reports that you create to meet your needs

Scheduled reporting:

  • Reports can be provided at the time you like to the users who need them

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