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Farrow announces acquisition of USA-based DJ Powers

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Farrow announces acquisition of USA-based DJ Powers customs brokerage and freight forwarding company

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Russell A. Farrow (U.S.) Inc. (Farrow) is pleased to announce the acquisition of DJ Powers Co. Inc. (DJ Powers), effective August 31, 2022. DJ Powers, based in Savannah, Georgia, is a long time, reputable customs brokerage and freight forwarder company that has been an eastern U.S. leader in international trade since 1930.

Rick Farrow, chairman of Russell A. Farrow Limited, has purchased a majority holding of the company, with Rhett Willis, President/Chief Executive

Officer and Eric Bakker, Executive Vice President, continuing to maintain their current leadership roles and minority shareholder interest in the business. Both gentlemen will also continue to sit on the Board of Directors at DJ Powers, and current company operations and staff at DJ Powers will continue to operate as-is.
Grant Robinson, Chief Executive Officer at Farrow, shared “We are delighted with our partnership. Here we have two organizations bringing forward 200 years of industry experience, sharing common values that focus on employee and client centricity.”

This is the third acquisition for Farrow in the last two years and will provide both Farrow and DJ Powers with some complementary synergies and market coverage. DJ Powers has eight offices in the United States situated in the states of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Alabama – with Georgia operations offering both warehousing services and a Free Trade Zone in its Atlanta location, and a particularly prominent presence at the port of Savannah. As such, Farrow will now have new business coverage along the lower eastern seaboard with direct access to ports that conduct significant European and Asian trade. In addition, DJ Powers has four internationally located offices in both The Netherlands (1) and China (3), thus allowing Farrow to expand its business footprint outside of North America and gain an international business presence and network in high-activity trading markets. As both Farrow and DJ Powers service many large international brands, sharing extensive geographical coverage in both Canada and the United States will be paramount to those cross-border clients.

To further extend mutual industry reach, DJ Powers is an active member in many associations including Global Ocean Agency Lines (GOAL), United Shipping Inc. (USI) and World Net Associates (WNA).

About Farrow:

With over 110 years of expertise in international trade, customs solutions, and integrated logistics, Russell A. Farrow Limited is one of the largest private and family-owned customs broker and logistics providers in North America. Operating locations across Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia, Farrow manages over 750 employees and 37 offices and warehouses.

In addition to providing customs brokerage, Farrow offers other global trade related services operating under the Farrow brand, which include Farrow Logistics (North American trade warehousing, distribution and fulfilment), Farrow Global Logistics (international freight forwarding and global supply chain management), Farrow Express (expedited deliveries), and Farrow Consulting (import/export and trade management consulting).

Farrow is proud to be a Canada’s Best Managed Companies winner for thirteen consecutive years, achieving Platinum Club status in the most recent eight years consecutively – an accomplishment few companies attain.

All media related inquiries should be sent to Sandra Garcia, Corporate Director Marketing, Communications and Brand at sandra.garcia@farrow.com, or visit www.farrow.com to learn more.

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