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Customs Consulting – United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)

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Customs Consulting to Simplify United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)

USMCA is one of the most complex issues impacting the North American marketplace. Constantly evolving requirements mean many parties do not fully understand the benefits available under USMCA or the risks associated with noncompliance.

Our customs consulting services provide expert analysis and guidance in the qualification of your products, the proper preparation of USMCA certifications and the record-keeping requirements to ensure accurate claims on USMCA entries with U.S. and Canadian Customs Services. We also offer compliance audits for Free Trade; Our Trade Advisors will review transactions and if claiming Free Trade, will verify that the information such as classification, valuation, country of origin and the certificate are correct.

USMCA for Canadian & U.S.

  • Provide your suppliers with detailed information on what has previously been imported.
  • Follow up and review of certificates received.
  • Work with suppliers to assist in preparation.

Analysis and Verification

  • Review bills of material
  • Classify component parts/materials
  • Apply rule of origin under Annex 401
  • Determine if goods meet origin criteria
  • Prepare certificate of origin for qualifying goods

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