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The CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) project is a multi-year initiative that will modernize how the CBSA assesses imported goods and manages revenue. Once fully implemented, CARM will streamline and automate business processes and offer online self-service tools to help the importers and exporters do business in Canada.

CARM Release 1 – This coming May (2021), the CARM Client Portal will be accessible to importers and customs brokers. At this time, you will be able to:

  • View transactions posted to your accounts
  • Make payments by credit card or set up pre-authorized debit
  • Delegate portal access to employees and third parties (such as customs brokers like Farrow, and/or trade consultants) to manage commercial imports activities
  • Request and track the progress of rulings electronically
  • Classify goods and estimate duties and taxes
CARM Release 2 – is scheduled for Spring of 2022 (current target is May). The CARM Client Portal (CCP) will be available to all trade chain partners. By then, users will be able to:
  • Acquire a Business Number (BN9) and program account (RM account and/or Program ID)
  • Submit, correct and adjust a Commercial and Accounting Declaration (CAD), which will replace the current customs coding form (B3) and request for adjustment form (B2), also available via Electronic Data Interchange
  • Post and monitor security to participate in the Release Prior to Payment (RPP) program as an importer
If you are an importer, here is how to prepare for CARM Releases 1 and 2:Prior to Release 1 (May 2021):

  • Set up your CARM Client Portal (CCP) user account by acquiring a GCKey, or using a Sign-In Partner and link to your business account
  • Create your business portal account and delegate authority to your employees and/or customs broker and/or trade consultant
Prior to Release 2 (May 2022):
  • Set up your Importer Security Bond as this will be MANDATORY under CARM and you will not be able to import without it. You will no longer be able to use your customs brokers bond – speak with your Farrow representative or a surety company for assistance in obtaining a surety bond.
View a CARM timeline here.For more information, click here, or email your Farrow Client Partnering representative, or carm@farrow.com

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