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All CARM Client Portal (CCP) users must first create their Personal Profile before either setting up any business or program profile accounts or being assigned a CCP user role.

If you are a First Time User – Importer, and all Employees:

  • Go to the Government of Canada website (as of CARM Release 1);
  • Login to the CARM Client Portal via your GC Key or Sign-in Partner;
  • Create your personal profile.
Personal Profile – Required InformationUser Information

  • First name / Last name
  • Telephone number / Ext.
  • E-mail address
Settings and preferences
  • Email notifications
  • Preferred language

The URL link for the CARM client portal will be available starting May 2021. Farrow will provide that link once it is made public.

Note: If you are an individual user planning to use a GCKey to login to the portal, apply online for your GCKey well in advance. It can take more than 3 weeks to receive your access code by mail.

An employee should register using their work phone number and email address which will need to be changed in the event they change employers.

If you are a BAM and would like to register your business, choose “Register My Business”:

  • Enter your 9-digit BN to link to the business account and your importer RM extension.
  • Provide your legal entity information – the corporate name and address registered with the CRA
  • Answer the set of affinity/security questions to validate your identity (required if you have any past transactions):
  1. What is the transaction number and the total duties and taxes of one of your recent transactions?
  2. What is the exact value of your most recent payment?
  3. What is the balance of your last Statement of Account?
  • Read and accept the Terms & Conditions covering the delegation of authority between importers and customs brokers.
  • Review your business information to ensure accuracy.
  • You need only to enter your importer RM extension when registering your business. If there are any other RM accounts registered to the same 9-digit BN, they will automatically populate and be included on the portal under the 9-digit BN.
Business Profile – Required Information
  • Business Information
  • Business number (B9)
  • RM Extension (BN15)
  • Legal entity/operating name
  • Legal entity address
  • Recent Daily Notice / Statement of Account for the RM (BN15) entered

The industry has asked CBSA to clarify what is meant by “recent” transaction for the affinity questions. To date, the definition is not known.

Note: New importers, who have no customs transactions attached to their BN, will not be required to answer the affinity/security questions in order to register on the portal.

To help educate and support you as the CARM project releases, Farrow will be issuing more information about what you need to know, and what you (our valued clients) need to do with respect to CARM in the days, weeks and months to come.

For the time being, you can find the latest information, including a checklist to help you get ready for CARM Release 1 and 2, by visiting this link on a regular basis, or by contacting your Client Partnering Representative.

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