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USMCA Drawback Deployment Update

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The following notice is from U.S. Customs Border Protection Cargo (CBP) Systems Messaging Service:

Effective immediately, the trade community can begin filing USMCA Drawback Claims in ACE.

As a reminder, claimants with Accelerated Payment (AP) privileges will not be able to obtain AP on USMCA Drawback claims until all of the applicable regulations are implemented (however, claims filed under NAFTA and same condition drawback will remain eligible for AP).

Claimants should submit their USMCA Drawback claims without the AP indicator in ACE, even if they are approved for AP. If the claimant transmits a USMCA Drawback claim through ACE containing the AP indicator, prior to the effective date of the USMCA regulations, the claim will be accepted but AP will be removed from the claim and this informational message will be returned: “I587-NO AP UNTIL USMCA REGS EFFECTIVE.” Please note a future CSMS message will announce when applicable regulations are implemented and AP eligible claims can be resubmitted with the AP indicator for USMCA Drawback.

To read full notice, click here.

Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

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