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Update: Laredo Field Office Message

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Update: Laredo Field Office Message – Hidalgo/Pharr, Laredo Colombia, & Eagle Pass

Protest at the Port of Hidalgo/Pharr is over and the port is ready for business.  Texas DPS will continue to conduct safety inspections as before which will impact the flow of trade.

Port of Laredo/Colombia Solidarity Bridge – As per recent meeting with Governor Abbott and Governor Garcia (Nuevo Leon), Texas DPS has reduced the safety inspections and traffic is now flowing without any delays.

Port of Progreso is open and was not blocked due to Protest.

Port of Eagle Pass (2303) will continue to have increased Texas Department of Public Safety inspections.

Laredo Field Office continues with the Business Resumption Contingency Plan and the surrounding ports will again support and process the diverted truck shipments.


The following Ports will be able assist with the diverted commercial shipments and flow of trade.

Port of Brownsville 2301 – Los Indios and Veterans Bridge

Port of Rio Grande 2307

Port of Roma 2310

Port of Eagle Pass 2303

Port of Del Rio 2302

Ports will stay open extra hours if commercial traffic warrants it.  Contact the corresponding APD Trade if you need additional information.

SourceLaredo Field Office

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