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U.S. East Coast Truckers Grapple with Surging Empties

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U.S. East Coast Truckers Grapple with Surging Empties, Lack of Chassis

Port of New York/New Jersey in “full blown crisis”

Trucking companies are pushing ocean carriers and port officials to clear a pileup of empty containers at the Port of New York and New Jersey that has exacerbated chassis constraints and disrupted operations.

A flood of imports has left port docks – and, increasingly, truck yards – with a glut of empty containers.

The situation has made it difficult for trucks to get in and out of the port. An inability to return empty containers on time means that companies and their customers have been on the hook for high demurrage fees from ocean carriers. Empty containers must also linger on chassis, taking that high-demand equipment out of service, too.

The port responded last month to the mountains of empties piling up at its terminals, announcing plans to charge carriers a container dwell fee similar to the one dangled at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The implementation of the fee has been delayed following conversations with ocean carriers.

Source: Transport Dive 

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