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Thanks to Nestle Canada Inc.

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Thanks to Nestle Canada Inc.

Farrow Group thanks clients for donations - Nestle and McDonald's logos

Nestle Canada Inc. contributed to Farrow’s celebration of the 100th Anniversary as a family owned and operated customs brokerage firm.

On April 4th, 2011, Farrow employees across Canada and the U.S. were treated to product from Nestle to go along with a celebratory cake and a gift card from McDonald’s. At 3:00 EST at all locations, employees stopped to celebrate the centennial with cake, coffee and ice cream.

Invited to participate in the celebrations, Nestle provided each employee with the number one selling Delissio frozen pizza. Each employee also received a $10.00 gift card for McDonald’s, another long term client of Farrow.

C.E.O and Chairman Richard Farrow, cutting the first piece of cake at the Corporate office in Windsor, Ontario.

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