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Thanks to Campbell Company of Canada

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Thanks to Campbell Company of Canada

for food bank contributions as part of Farrow’s 100th Anniversary celebrations

Campbells Soup of Canada

Campbell Company of Canada contributed to Farrow’s 100th Anniversary celebrations by donating three skids of product for food-banks in Windsor and Toronto, ON.

On April 5th, 2011, Farrow continued celebrating 100 Years as a family owned and operated customs brokerage firm by donating canned goods collected from employees and Cambell’s V8 V-Fusion to two Windsor area foodbanks: Windsor Lifeline Outreach Foodbank, and the Unemployed Help Centre.

Invited to participate in the celebrations by Chairman and C.E.O. Richard Farrow, Campbell’s immediately committed to providing V8 V-Fusion, which is available in a variety of flavours and was voted Product of the Year for 2010.


Pictured is Jeff Farrow (centre), with a crew of Farrow staff, delivering the Campbell’s V8 V-Fusion to the Windsor Lifeline Outreach Foodbank.
Pictured with Jeff, are: Dennis Sauve (Lifeline), Delyse Eling (Lifeline), Lisa Caldwell (Farrow), Howard Mulder (Lifeline), Jeff Farrow, Ashish Nakhwal (Farrow), Debbie Alexander (Farrow), and Richard Hamelin (Lifeline).

Two skids of Campbell’s V8 V-Fusion stored at Windsor Corporate, prior to being broken down for delivery to two Windsor area foodbanks.

Farrow staff which volunteered to deliver Campbell’s V8 V-Fusion to Windsor area foodbanks.
Front row, from left: Ashish Nakwhal, Susan Tom-Recio, Debbie Alexander, Lisa Caldwell, Jeff Farrow. Rear (left to right): George Fitzios, Chris Matthews.



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