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PSAC Labour Disruption Impacts

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PSAC Labour Disruption Impacts

While the CBSA website states service to travellers and business will not be impacted by the current PSAC strike, post entry processes are being impacted.  We are aware that anything requiring clerical processing is being delayed.  This includes A48 processing, voluntary entries, RMD correctors, and re-manifesting.  In some cases there could be the potential for late accounting penalties and AMPS.

We have engaged the CBSA to confirm that waivers on penalties and amps will not be issued when the penalties and/or amps are as a result of the strike, and to clarify, if penalties are issued what would CBSA require to seek relief.  We have also requested that the CBSA website reflect the current impacts to provide our members with an official source of information to share with clients as support for your messaging.

We thank the members who have shared their concerns, please keep us informed by emailing cscb@cscb.ca about the issues you are experiencing so that we can continue our dialogue with the CBSA.

Source: Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB)

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