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House of Commons approves back-to-work legislation

Home News House of Commons approves back-to-work legislation

The House of Commons has approved legislation to put an end to a strike that has shut down one of Canada’s busiest ports.  The bill is aimed at quickly reopening the Port of Montreal, where the flow of millions of tonnes of goods came to halt after 1,150 dockworkers began a strike Monday morning.

It must still be passed by the Senate, which is scheduled to deal with the bill Friday.

During late-night debate on the bill Wednesday, Labour Minister Filomena Tassi said if the strike is allowed to drag on it would cost the economy $40 million to $100 million per week, directly threatening 19,000 jobs and indirectly affecting hundreds of thousands of other jobs across the country.

This is an excerpt from the 29 April 2021 edition of CBC News.

Source: Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB); CBC News

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  • Provides advice and guidance to Canadian and international bodies on new policy directions and represents the interests of customs brokers to government departments and agencies, primarily the Canada Border Services Agency, involved in regulating and facilitating international trade.
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