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Notes from National: CARM Update

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CSCB Provides CARM Update

The following is a transcript from a CSCB CARM audio:

Welcome to our summer audio, I am Melanie Bedard, Senior Vice President at the CSCB.

As you may have noticed, summer has been quiet on the CARM activity front. Our last CARM Trade Chain Partner working group meeting was held in June and the Technical Working Group sessions have been put on pause however we did have a Summer Connect with the CARM Team yesterday. We were informed of the following updates:

  • CARM Release 2 implementation is anticipated for October 2023.
  • Deep Cycle Testing continues and the CBSA is aiming for the CARM solution to be ready in January of 2023  at which time the CARM Experience Simulation (or CES) will commence. Onboarding activities for the CES will start in the fall of this year.   It is not too late to inform the Engagement team if you would like to participate in the simulation.
  • Between January and May 2023 the CARM Solution will be tweaked based on the CES and further internal testing will be done in preparation of the October 2023 go live date.
  • As you may have noted importer registrations in the CARM Client Portal have slowed down and there are approximately 20,000 importers currently registered in the portal.  Perhaps it is because it is vacation time, or maybe importers have more urgent matters at hand, or due to the fact that registering on the CARM Client Portal is not easy.  Maybe it is a combination of all of these things but we are focusing on the ease of registration and continually following up with the CARM team to see when the changes to the way that the affinity questions are asked at time of registration will take place.  We were informed that the changes are expected to be completed in September.
  • CLVS, CSA and Financial Security Discussion have not taken place for some time, however it is expected that these discussions will resume in the months of August and September.  The much needed Financial Security transition plan is expected to be discussed at our next TCP meeting in September.

We continue to work with the team on a regular basis and are currently co-leading a question and answer prioritization exercise with the team so that the CBSA knows how to prioritize the over 300 questions that they still have outstanding in the Q&A log.   We are hopeful that this exercise will bear fruit and we can move forward with the much needed walkthroughs of various processes that will impact your business.  So while our TCP meetings have slowed down for the summer we have not and we continue advocating on your behalf and collaborating with the CBSA as we move forward towards an October 2023 Release 2 implementation.

Source: CSCB

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