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New Pork Levy to commence May 1st

Home News New Pork Levy to commence May 1st

New Pork Levy to commence May 1st 2022

Under the Farm Products Agencies Act, the Canadian Pork Promotion-Research Levies Order: SOR/2021-217 has been enacted. This Order establishes the levy to be paid to the Canadian Pork Promotion-Research Agency by persons who sell hogs in interprovincial trade and by persons who import hogs or pork products into Canada.

The new levy will be commencing on May 1, 2022. Billing will be derived from the Import Data, including the product, volume imported and the importer’s name and address. The first invoices will be issued in June to the importers for the May imports.

Questions can be directed to Shelley Gares at the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers.

Source: CSCB

About CSCB: The CSCB (Canadian Society of Customs Brokers) actively seeks and achieves improvements in government policies and procedures on behalf of our members and their clients, and consistently delivers relevant, high quality products and services, including education and professional development. The CSCB creates member value and benefits through education, advocacy, information and innovation.

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