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New customs requirements for Mexico shipments

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New customs requirements for Mexico shipments begin Wednesday

Hoping to quell a rising tide of smuggled goods and lost tax revenue, Mexico’s controversial new waybill regulations — known as the Carta Porte supplement — is scheduled to go into effect Wednesday.

The regulations from the Mexican Tax Authority (SAT) aim to reduce cargo theft and the movement of contraband throughout the country. The SAT also estimates that Mexican authorities are losing as much as $7 billion a year on uncollected taxes from smuggled goods.

Trade officials in Mexico said they support the new regulations but that cross-border operators should be given more time to prepare for the changes.

“We are convinced of how important it is to fight the smuggling that affects the industry so much, and how essential it is to strengthen formal trade in our country,” José Abugaber, president of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of Mexico (CONCAMIN), said during a recent video posted on Facebook.

CONCAMIN represents more than 50 industrial chambers across different sectors and advocates for policy initiatives, while providing economic and legal advice to members.

Abugaber said the organization is concerned about the short time remaining for the start of the new regulation.

It’s expected that on Wednesday, the SAT will begin trial enforcement without liability of the waybill information, and on Jan. 1, it will begin full enforcement.

“We have full confidence that the private sector can participate in an important way in the necessary and urgent training and dissemination of [Carta Porte] to a large percentage of service providers and users of all modes of transportation, including SMEs, which require regulatory and technological preparation,” Abugaber said.

“We are concerned about the short time remaining for the mandatory start of this provision. We make a call to consider the extension of the deadline for the entry into force of this complement only for the time strictly necessary to resolve some pending technical aspects.”

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Source: Freight Waves

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