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New Brunswick communities strike a balance with land border crossing rules

Home News New Brunswick communities strike a balance with land border crossing rules

Families and businesses along the Canada-U.S. border say a balance has been struck between COVID-19 precautions and their ability to cross the land border – for now.

St. Stephen, New Brunswick resident Heather Bridges recently saw her sister, who lives on the American side of the border, for the first time in 18 months.

The reunion was made possible after Canada eased border entry rules at land border crossings on August 9th.

One of the requirements is that U.S. travelers must present a negative COVID-19 at customs, taken within 72 hours of their arrival. A backlog of test results has been reported in some pharmacies around Maine. There is no guarantee a result will be received within the required timeframe.

“My sister pays $172 a test and it is not covered by insurance because they say it’s non-essential,” says Bridges.

While Bridges is hopeful for more leniency in testing delays, she’s relieved an avenue for entry has arrived.

Businesses on the Canadian side of the border have also seen a bit of a boost.

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Source: CTV News

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