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Maersk Port of Montreal Update

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Legislative: No news yet on when the Canadian Government will announce arbitrator.

Port of Montreal: Operations running smooth and productivity levels at pre-strike levels.

Our operational update is as follows:

Rail update:

While there is ongoing cargo movement, the average dwell time for containers remaining at the port is 10 days due to port congestion. We are working with our rail partners in their efforts to position rail car equipment to pick up full import containers. An estimated time of arrival to the final delivery location is expected to be approximately 3 weeks. Our focus remains to minimize the impact of the overall dwell time to our customers.

Trucking update:

Our trucking options remain in place from Montreal to Toronto to support our customers with maintaining fluidity in their supply chain. Any changes to transport mode from rail to truck need to be advised at least 72 hours prior to vessel arrival. However, the truck capacity is limited and will be assessed on first come first serve basis. Please see truck differential as follows:


These are all in rates and include applicable fuel surcharges. Overweight permit of USD 390 prevails if the cargo is overweight and would apply separately.

Cargo dwell time on terminals and rail ramps: We encourage you to take quick delivery of import cargoes to ensure no cargo congestion in ports and rail ramps.

Vessel operations update:
Maersk Palermo, will call Halifax on May 11 and Saint John on May 12.
EM KEA, arrived Montreal May 10 for evening operations in Cast.
Livorno Express, arrived Montreal May 10 for operations in Racine.
Maersk Patras, arrives Montreal May 17 for operations in Cast.

The full update can be found here.

Source: Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB)

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