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Laredo Field Office Message – Long Commercial Cargo Lines

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Laredo Field Office Message – Hidalgo/Pharr and Laredo Colombia – Long Commercial Cargo Lines

The Texas Department of Public Safety continues with their safety inspections at the Port of Hidalgo/Pharr and Laredo/Colombia Solidarity Bridge this morning.

  1. Customs and Border Protection Officers at the Port of Hidalgo/Pharr and Laredo/Colombia Solidarity continue to process commercial shipments but will be impacted by the Texas DPS inspections Stations that are preventing commercial traffic to efficiently exit the commercial cargo facilities.  Long lines are impacting both locations and traffic moving very slowly.
  2. Port of Eagle Pass is now also included in the increased Texas DPS Inspection Stations but commercial traffic is still moving and released.
  3. Port of El Paso (Ysleta and BOTA) are now also included in the Texas DPS Inspection Station exams.

The Laredo Field Office will continue to monitor the situations at all locations where Texas DPS has Inspection Stations outside commercial cargo facilities and will keep you informed.

World Trade Bridge at 4:30 p.m. (Not impacted and handling additional loaded shipments)

  • Bridge is almost full but was moving and cargo being released.  FAST/CTPAT flowing.

Colombia Solidarity Bridge (Impacted)

Colombia – CBP Cargo Lot background (Impacted)

DPS Safety Inspection Station next to Colombia Solidarity (Cause of traffic backlog)

Source: Laredo Field Office

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