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Importer’s attestation for romaine lettuce products

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Privacy Notice Statement applicable to form 5961 – Importer’s attestation for romaine lettuce products from the Salinas Valley, California, United States

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is committed to protecting the privacy rights of individuals, including safeguarding the confidentiality of information provided by individuals and institutions.

Submission of your personal information constitutes your consent to the collection, use, storage, and disclosure of your personal information by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Please note that comments you enter in any free text field could become identifiable based on the level of detail you provide. Please exercise caution when providing comments in order to protect your privacy and the privacy of others.

This information is being collected and used under this Agency’s legislative authority for the following purpose: import requirements for fresh fruits and vegetables, in accordance with the Safe Food for Canadians Act. This information will be retained in accordance with the Agency’s retention and disposition policies.

The personal information collected appears in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s personal information bank Setting Rules. Details regarding this personal information bank, the information it contains, and the purpose for its collection are described within the CFIA InfoSource.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Privacy Act, personal information collected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Government of Canada is protected from disclosure to unauthorized persons and/or agencies. Individuals to whom the personal information pertains have the right to the protection of, and access to, their personal information under the Privacy Act, subject to certain exceptions and exemptions.

To read the full notice and view forms, click here.

Source: Government of Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency

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