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Guards vow to ‘shut the border down’

Home News Guards vow to ‘shut the border down’

TORONTO — Border guards vowed to “shut the border down” — or come as close to it as they legally can — at a demonstration at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport Monday.

The demonstration was a show of resolve before the unions that represent some 8500 Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) officers and customs officials are in a legal right to strike position on Friday.

“We screened every traveler for COVID, we kept the border running, our employer won’t even speak to us at the bargaining table,” said Mark Weber, the national president of the Customs and Immigration Union.

That union, and the Public Service Alliance of Canada, say they have the right to strike as of August 6, just days before Canada reopens its borders to vaccinated U.S. travelers.

“We’ve been without a contract for three years,” said Frances Baroutoglou, Toronto’s CIU France president. “Through COVID we’ve continued to keep the border safe. We’ve taken on extra duties. We want a fair contract.”

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Source: CTV News

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