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Government of Canada Moves to Prohibit Import of Russian Oil

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Government of Canada Moves to Prohibit Import of Russian Oil

In response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the Government of Canada is taking strong and decisive action.

Today, the Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, announced the Government of Canada will ban crude oil imports from Russia. According to the Canada Energy Regulator, Canada does not currently import any crude oil from Russia, and has not since 2019. The new ban will ensure this remains the case going forward. Once approved, this ban will be effective until further notice.

We are also taking steps to identify additional petroleum products that may be included in this ban.

We continue to monitor the supply situation closely with partner International Energy Agency countries and, if necessary, are prepared to act jointly to maintain security of supply in energy markets.

Quick facts
Canada is a net exporter of crude oil, meaning it exports more than it imports each year. Canada does not currently import crude oil from Russia.

Canadian oil production increased over the past year and has reached pre-pandemic levels.

For information related to oil imports please visit: https://www.cer-rec.gc.ca/en/data-analysis/energy-markets/market-snapshots/2021/market-snapshot-crude-oil-imports-decreased-in-2020-and-so-did-the-cost.html

Since 2016, the Government has committed more than $100 billion to climate action and environmental protection, and has committed to cap and reduce emissions from the oil and gas sector in line with our climate targets.

For more information from the Government of Canada, click here.

Source: Government of Canada

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