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Government again delays key border checks on EU imports

Home News Government again delays key border checks on EU imports

Extension comes after warnings infrastructure for new checks would not be ready in time

The government has announced that it will delay a host of border red tape for EU imports from October and January next year until July 2022.

These include physical checks on food and other animal-related products which were due in January next year. It comes after The Independent reported that the necessary infrastructure would not be ready in time.

As late as Thursday last week, the government was suggesting that businesses should still prepare for the already delayed deadlines for new paperwork from October and physical checks in January.

At a meeting with officials last week, businesses had expected a delay to be confirmed, but that did not happen. Industry lobby group The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) said that as late as yesterday, their members were being told to prepare for the – now shifted – October and January deadlines.

The government said on Tuesday that new export health certificates, which were originally due to be required from October would now not come into force in July next year. Physical checks on products of animal origin, including food and plants, which require Border Control Posts, will now not be enforced until July next year too, after they were meant to imposed in January, according to previous government guidance. Other security-focused checks will now also be delayed until July 2022.

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Source: Independent

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