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Freight forwarder pre-arrival and reporting requirements

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This memorandum has been revised to:

(a) update the Definitions section
(b) include updates to pre-arrival, arrival and post arrival requirements and processes for house bills, house bill close messages and supplementary cargo data

This memorandum outlines and explains specific Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) requirements and administrative policies regarding the transmission of pre-load and/or pre-arrival house bill data, the house bill close data and supplementary cargo data to the CBSA for goods being imported to, or transiting through Canada.

Note: Supplementary cargo data will be required for consolidated freight remaining on board (FROB) shipments in the air and marine modes only. For the purposes of this memorandum all references to pre-arrival will include pre-load requirements with respect to marine shipments, where applicable.

To read full memorandum, click here.

Source: Government of Canada; Canada Border Services Agency; Canadian Society of Customs Brokers

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