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Border Services Officers Set to Strike This Week in Windsor

Home News Border Services Officers Set to Strike This Week in Windsor

Border workers to strike this Friday in Windsor

The local Customs and Immigration Union (CIU) is holding a rally outside of the Ambassador Bridge on Wednesday.

Local 18 President Alisa Howe says her members are coming together to show solidarity with their follow border services officers from across the country.

She says the rally starts at 5:30pm and will include speeches from the president of CIU along with other local labour leaders.

“We have the president of CIU coming down from Ottawa,” she says.  “We have locally our second national VP who use to be our branch president, who’s also in the area.  We will hope that they will be speaking to everybody, firing up the troops.”

Howe says the workers are in a legal strike position as of Friday.

“We’ve been without a contract for over three years and we’re hoping that they’ll begin to take us seriously,” says Howe.

She adds she’s a little nervous but hopes it will come out well in the end.

“We’re hoping that there aren’t any disruptions at the border,” she says.  “If there’s anything, there might be some slow downs or a little bit of job action but we’re hoping we won’t get to that point.”

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Source: iHeartRadio

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